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Qfinity on Fujitsu LIFEBOOK PC

Every Fujitsu LIFEBOOK notebook is required to undergo rigorous and stringent testing, based on the Qfinity quality control standard. Fujitsu understands that no matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. This is why Fujitsu LIFEBOOK notebooks are engineered to handle the rigors of everyday use before they are made available to you.

Drop test

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK notebooks are dropped from different heights at various angles to ensure the chassis lives up to expectations.

Shock test

Dedicated machines are used to determine if the LIFEBOOK notebooks can withstand shock impact whilst maintaining full functionality.

Vibration test

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK notebooks are subjected to rigorous vibrations to ensure your data is protected from common everyday bumps.

Concentrated pressure test

The LIFEBOOK’s robust magnesium alloy construction ensures screen does not crack or break easily under moderate pressure.

Open-and-shut test

Display hinges are subjected to several thousand test cycles to exceed a lifespan of opening and closing.

Repeated pressure test

A specified typing pattern is repeatedly imposed on the LIFEBOOK keyboard to ensure all keypad parts are unaffected by the leads.

Connector tension test

Durability of connector ports on the LIFEBOOK notebooks is tested via repeated insertion and removal, as well as cable pulling with consideration force.



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